Zinc-phosphate coating

Zinc-phosphate coating

For maintaining consistent tightening torques as short-time anti-corrosive protection or as priming coat for a subsequent paint, we are at any time at your disposal for providing your parts with an adequate phosphate coating as commission work by means of our in-house galvanic equipment.

These light to dark grey coloured water-insoluble zinc-phosphate coatings are achieved through the use of immersion painting producing a chemical process. Thin crystalline phosphates are produced on the metal surface tightly adhering to the same. The capillaries on the surface provide optimum absorbent qualities for oils, waxes and lacquers – best conditions for anti-corrosive protection and adhesive layer for paints and lacquers.

Another useful effect: the phosphate coat reduces the frictional force produced through shaping, drawing or slip processes, yielding better surface qualities for your product.

Take advantage from our know-how, we are looking forward to hearing from you and being favoured with your definition of the task.

No chance to "crack" our surfaces!

Zinc-phosphate surface coating as per DIN EN 12476 and DBL 9400 up to a coat thickness of 8µm.