To us, partnership means trust and reliability in daily collaborative effort since effective and reliable partnership is key to our successful industrial production – and has been for more than 133 years.

Even the founder, Robert Gutekunst, considered himself a partner to his customers. At Gutekunst, partnership is a cherished tradition that’s not relegated to nostalgia: Our standards call for strengthening the competitive position of our customers with comprehensive consulting and our many years of experience – and to help them secure long-term success.

Who we are

The Gutekunst Verbindungsteile GmbH. is your expert in the field of standard parts and customized parts.

What we do

We are working with nearly all materials ranging from small parts to big parts, from ordinary to complex parts.

We are routinely processing any types of steel, non-ferrous metals and plastic materials.

Thanks to a reasonable stocking we are in a position to ensure a fast fulfilment of our customers demands.

Our program includes both special materials and nearly all standard hardening processes.

How we do

Our CNC machines allow producing any parts ranging from single components to seriel parts – batch sizes including single parts to several 100.000 parts / year.