When the Gutekunst company was founded in 1882, few could have foreseen the successful path the company would take. With production of nuts, bolts, turned parts, and profile materials, Gutekunst was well situated to fill the needs of rapidly developing industrialization. When the company celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1932, Gutekunst already had a branch in Kirchheim unter Teck to show for itself. Seven years later, Gutekunst invested in the construction of another factory at the same site.

The original factory in Owen was destroyed in World War II, and so the company decided to start anew in Kirchheim.

In 1982, Gutekunst and its partners celebrated 100 years of quality and experience there. A few years later the company founded a production site in the Czech Republic and thus, in 1991, became a European manufacturer.

In 1993, Gutekunst moved to Zell, near Aichelberg, and three years later achieved certification of its process-oriented OM system.

With nearly 135 years of experience, Gutekunst is still a company with a tradition of innovation.